Coca-Cola Assorted Projects

Assortment of choice Coca-Cola Projects. Print, Identity, and Digital.

Website for Coca-Cola BIG/PAC
AC/DC VIP pass
AC/DC World tour passes
Coca-Cola Ambassador photo wall
Holiday card options for Coca-Cola North America 2014
Holiday card sketches for Coca-Cola North America 2014
Toolkit Cover
Sprite 2014 NBA All Star Weekend Collateral
Project Apollo banners
Coca-Cola Tour Championship Booklet
RECONNECT Logo 2016 Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Dining Guide
Coca-Cola Dining YETU T-shirt
Phishing Awareness Logo
Phishing Awareness
Coca-Cola retirement yearbook
Coca-Cola world wall map campaign postcard mailer campaign leave behind card icon
Veterans Day Posters
Recycling signage
Coca-Cola Burger King website
Coca-Cola bottlers Logo
Coca-Cola bottlers logo banner
Catalyst book
Coca-Cola SSD campaign